1:30 p.m.-3 p.m.
Thursday, April 28

As a function of new conceptions of the audience and the importance of technology (as above) journalists’ work functions are no longer covered by descriptors such as reporter, editor and producer; today’s range of job titles include product manager, audience developer, communities editor, and web/mobile developer.  Carrie Brown (City University of New York) and  Rich Gordon (Northwestern University) lead a conversation on innovations in journalism education drawing from their experiences. Brown is the founding director of CUNY’s Social Journalism master’s program, which recasts journalism as a service that helps communities meet goals and solve problems in non-traditional fields, including healthcare and the arts. Gordon, who leads “innovation project” courses at Medill journalism school, will discuss his program’s recent transformation and plans for its future. Invited guests are encouraged to participate in the discussion and share their professional insights. Ryerson School of Journalism Chair Ivor Shapiro will moderate this breakout session.